Bridge Loans

Immediate cash

Many of our professional medical clients have a need for funding into their offices, while waiting for the bulk of their collections to turn around.

As a courtesy service to our clients who are receiving our legal services for arbitration, we give you the opportunity to connect with one of the funding service companies that we work with, that offer bridge loans to help your cash flow, boost your resources, and increase your available means.

This bridge loan is not available to non-clients of the firm. This offer is exclusively for our medical practicers and billers for whom we are already working with.


Our bridge loan financing service is only available to our clients for whom we handle No-Fault claims for.

In order for us to provide our existing clients the best possible rates, with accurate percentages, please give us a call today at 718-391-0200, and your call will be directed to someone in the Finance Department.

By already having an existing working relationship with us, you will have already experienced our level of professionalism, speed, and efficiency in handling your unpaid No-Fault claims. Compliment our services to you with a bridge loan to boost your cash flow today.