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We stand behind our work to guarantee that we are number one. Put your business with the leading professionals in the field of No-Fault Arbitration. We have over 15 years of experience in the field of No-Fault insurance claims. We do everything from billing to the collections aspect on your behalf.



Providing you with world class service that you can group all of your insurance claims needs with. We do everything from billing to the collections aspect. Our in-house staff is able to process all of your billing needs in a quick and efficient manner.


We have one of the highest, if not the highest, settlement rates in the industry. We settle over 50% of all claims before ever reaching court, and we settle them at a high rate: 70 to 90 cents on the dollar. Out of the remainder, we win over 50% of claims that enter into court.


No other law firm is able to provide you with quicker payouts than us. Once we start processing claims, we provide you with weekly or bi-weekly payouts. No need to wait months to receive your payments, as you would have to do with other firms.

Grow your business with us!

Since 1998 we've been focusing on getting medical providers paid quickly, often, and at high settlement rates. Our attorneys and staff carry many years of invaluable wisdom and expertise to help push your No-Fault claims foward with a high success rate of return.

We make sure never to dissapoint our life savers: Our Doctors!

You, as thousands of other providers have some unpaid No-Fault cases sitting on their shelves, or litigations collecting dust and waiting for a miracle. Stop waiting! Arbitrate these cases! Turn them into cash fast! 70 to 90% of No-Fault denials are invalid. The insurance companies do an excellent job of denying claims. Thankfully, laws are in place that strictly regulates how these claims should be handled by insurance companies. This is where our firm comes into the equation. Our extensive experience in the New York No-Fault field, allows us to recover your money fast and obtain justice for the medical providers that we serve.

With arbitration, it is much easier and faster to turn your dead files into cash as compared to litigation. Arbitration , while litigation can take several years. Obviously, there is a huge difference between these forums, and with whom who choose to hire to act on your behalf for unpaid No-fault claims.

We work on a percentage base, so it's a win-win situation for both parties. We have 15+ years of experience in this field, and since our earnings depend on the amount of cases we win for you, we move cases with maximum speed and with maximim efficiency.

We are experts in the rebuttal of denials from insurance companies. The word “rebuttal” was never used before in the field of arbitrating unpaid medical claims in it's early years. Based off our numerous years of work, it has now become an absolute neccessary supporting document in the field of No-fault collections.