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If you're ready to take the next step in getting paid on your No-Fault claims, invigorate your office's cashflow, and having a professional team with the ability to successfully rebuttal and win on your behalf, then please contact our email address below. We will contact you either the same day or next business day to proceed forward with your unpaid claims and other needs.

Akiva Ofshtein, PC has No-Fault attorneys dedicated to vigorously pursue the collection of medical billing in automobile accidents.


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(718) 391-0200
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"I was already working with another law firm, and decided to work with Akiva. Now my practice is running better than ever thanks to the increase in cash flow."
-Dr. Hynn

"Initially, I doubted working with new people, but now, thankfully, I see a dramatic increase in my office's productivity which allows me to focus on treating my patients."
-Dr. Chapman

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